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Soul Street Poster Ad

Welcome to Soul Street, A “Spanglish” speaking radio program devoted to America’s only indigenous art form – Afro American music.  We broadcast Soulstreet here in, very hip, Ensenada, Baja California on 92.9FM every sunday at 8:30pm.

Here on our Soulstreet website, you will also find information about the Baja California music scene and tips on traveling the wine country or the tequila corridor.  Ninety eight percent of the wines consumed in Mexico come from the Valle de Guadalupe region of Ensenada.

Restaurants in Baja California range from fish tacos to high cuisine that fuses Mexican, Mediterranean and Asian cooking styles.

Our friend and musical hero, Carlos Santana,  was born in Autlan Jalisco where LeRoy Jose is an associate in a very high quality tequila distillery called Casta Negra.   We will be announcing very soon, on this website, packaged tours to the beautiful coastal region of Jalisco,  the 16th century colonial city of Autlan and the Casta Negra Tequila distillery.

Enjoy the music and let us know what you think about Soulstreet.

Le Roy Jose