In my opinion the best sushi in Ensenada

I have been addicted to Japanese sushi since 1977.  While living in Chicago, the capital for fine dining in the United States.  I have eaten sushi in Mexico City  and the “Little Tokyo’s” of New York, Los Angeles. San Francisco and most major cities in North America,.

When I moved to Ensenada in 1985, there was a less than mediocre sushi restaurant aboard the ferry Catalina.  A tourist attraction moored in Ensenada Bay (Bahia de Todos Santos).  The old ferry  that once transported passengers to Catalina was converted into shops and restaurants. Ensenada’s version of The Queen Mary, moored in Long Beach California’s harbor.

Since 1985, a series of other mediocre sushi restaurants have opened in Ensenada and eventually closed.  In 2006 sushi chef Cesar Dario Cruz, began working in a “decent sushi alternative” in downtown Ensenada.  Now, Cesar has opened his own restaurant.

I can truly testify that Nigeri de Autor ranks with the best sushi restaurants North of the border.  Located on Zertuche Blvd.,  in the neighborhood of Valle Dorado it opened for business in June of this year (2009).

Why is Nigeri superior to the approximate eight other sushi restaurants in Ensenada? Because Cesar combines 15years of restaurant experience and training with a passion for creating unique and delicious Japanese cuisine.

Before Cesar came to Ensenada,  I traveled to Tijuana for, the only palatable sushi restaurant in Baja California, at that time. It is   called Komasa.

Cesar loves to surprise sushi aficionados with his inventive creations.  He recently surprised me with a small crab served in it’s shell and topped with cheese that Cesar melts with a blow torch. If you are a lover of crab, this dish will definitely please your pallet.

Cesar did not learn his craft overnight,  like most of the “Johnny come lately” chefs in Ensenaada.  After his apprenticeship, of four years at Komasa, Cesar began, working as a qualified sushi chef.  Not satisfied with being “just a chef”, he created a sushi making school as well.  Over 100 students have studied under Cesar.

Aside from sushi,  the menu at Nigeri offers a wide selection of kitchen prepared dishes.  Including,  a variety of meat, seafood and vegetarian entrées.  I particularly enjoy the duck in a mandarin sauce or the swordfish marinated in a Jamaica (hibiscus flower water) and orange juice blend.  Classic Tepanyakis and Teriyakis are prepared with salmon shrimp, fillets of chicken or beef.

After 15 years as a professional,  Cesar has finally realized his  dream of  owning a successful  restaurant.  And it has been a success from the very first day it opened.  Clients, like myself, eagerly awaited the opening.

Cesar listens to his customers.  Prior to opening Nigori he saw requests for Uni (sea urchin), tobico (flying fish eggs), caviar and quail eggs ignored by his former employers.  I know, because I made the requests.  All of these traditional,  sushi favorites of mine are available at Nigeri and nowhere else in Ensenada.

Cesar solicits feedback about his food and service.  What  his customers want is what he provides. The whole team at Nigeri is to be saluted. A hardworking team doing their best to satisfy customer needs.

You can find Nigeri from the trans peninsula hwy.. Traveling from the South,  past Costco then move to right hand lane and turn right at the University- across from the Calimax. Proceed East toward the hills and at the sports stadium the road curves to the left – Zertuche Blvd. continue North to 284, Zertuche Blvd. (left hand side of Z blvd.)

Traveling South turn left after the Smart & Final – Blvd. Lago Victoria.  Proceed to Zertuche Blvd. (stop sign), turn right to #284, on the corner, right side of street (across from a gym.)

Tel. 1766107 nextel 152*15*13326